Tavan Bogd Trekking

Individual tours



Ulgii Town

Day 1: Bayan-Olgii

This trek will take you to a destination few people have experienced. The Western
parts of Mongolia are a cultural mix of Muslim and Mongolian traditions. Trekking through
this wild countryside will bring in varied experiences and make for an exciting trip of
Today we will take the plane for Olgii, capital city of Bayan Olgii province. Our vehicles
will be waiting for us at the airport. Unlike the rest of Mongolia, which is dominated by
Khalkh Mongolians, about 90% of Bayan-Olgii's population are Kazakh, almost all of
them Muslims. Olgii has even its own little mosque.
Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our local team and drive further to west into
National Park. We will set up our tented camp on a truly idyllic spot.
(Tented Camp L, D)

Tsagaan Gol River

Day 2: Drive to Tavan Bogd National Park

Altai Tavan Bogd is 636,161 hectares of pristine landscape along the border of the
western part of Ulaan Khus, Tsengel, Sagsai and Altai soums of Bayan-Olgii aimag. It
was placed under protection in 1996. The national park with its amazing beauty
embodies the special characteristics of high mountains, icy crystal rivers, mountain
valleys, steppe landscapes and ecosystems. Also, it is a habitat and last refuge for
mammals like argali, ibex, maral and deer, and bird species like snowcock, eagle and
lammergeyer. The national park includes very high peaks, with eternal snow and glaciers
in the far west of Mongolia. The highest point is the peak of Khuiten Uul on the mountain
of Altai Tavan Bogd, reaches 4374 meters above sea level. Tonight we will camp in a
picturesque spot.
(Tented camp B, L, D)

Tavan Bogd Base Camp

Day 3: Trek to Base Camp

Today we will trek about 12 km to the base camp of Potanium glacier. The
landscape is spectacular. Upon arriving at base camp, we will be settled in our Gers and
get prepared for next day trekking to Malchin peak.
(Gers B, L, D)

Malchin Peak

Day 4: Malchin Peak (4050m)

After a good breakfast, we will set off for our expedition to the Tavan Bogd Glacier.
We will trek through a high mountain terrain of rocks and wetlands. We will have a
beautiful perspective of the 5 mountain peaks of the Tavan Bodg Mountain and of its
glacier. In front of you, you will have the absolute top of the Altai Mountain Chain and the
highest mountain peak of Mongolia. Our final destination of today is the smallest of
Tavan Bogd’s mountain peaks, the Malchin peak (4050 m).
(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Potanin Glacier

Day 5: Trek along White River

We will start trekking along the White River. The White River is one of the many
rivers that find its sources in the melting ice of the Tavan Bodg glaciers.
The White River valley is covered with many flowers. If you are lucky you might see a
Mongolian wild goat named Ibex.
(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Khoton Lake

Day 6: Khurgan and Khoton Lakes

Today we will be driving on a rough but scenic road into the Khurgan and Khoton
Lakes. On the way we will see some petroglyphs dating back from the Bronze Age.
Khurgan and Khoton Lakes are pretty lakes at an altitude slightly over 2.000 meters
altitude. South of the lake, into the direction of China you will see the snow-capped Altai
Mountain Chain.
During our ride we will pass many Kazak nomad families. Sometimes we will stop at a
family and share a meal or tea with them. We will also pass well preserved ancient burial
(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Khurgan Lake

Day 7: Trek near Khurgan and Khoton Lakes

We will spend full day trekking around lakes. Truly breath-taking scenery and one of
the fine trekking destination.
(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Eagle Hunter

Day 8: Visit Eagle Hunters

We will visit Kazakh families in their traditional Ger bigger than Mongolian Gers and
brightly decorated with hand-made rugs. We will enjoy a cup of tea, share with our hosts
delicious Kazakh dishes such as Kuz “salted and smoked horse meat” Bisbarmak while
chatting and deepening our knowledge of rich Kazakh culture and custom. Afternoon we

will go trekking in nearby mountain valley and riding on horseback together with hunters
through scenic landscape.
(Family stay B, L, and D)

Oigor Valley

Day 9: Back to Bayan-Olgii

Our trek in Wild West ends today. We will load everything in our vehicles and drive
back to Bayan Olgii.
(Hotel B, L, D)

Bogd Khaan Palace Museum

Day 10: Flight back to Ulaanbaatar

Flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Our team will take you directly to your hotel. You may enjoy
the free afternoon to catch up all the places you haven’t visited yet. You might as well
check the beautiful cultural show enjoy the colourful and rhythmic Mongolian dance,
throat singing & admire the contortionists.

(B, L)

Khuiten Peak Tavan Bogd

Option: Khuiten Peak Climb Extension

For those of you looking for a challenging extension to your trekking in Western
Mongolia, we invite you for our 2 days Khuiten peak climb extension.
We will leave from our base camp and climb the steep and challenging Mount Khuiten
(4374m). Depending on the snow we will climb for 4 to 6 hours. Once we get to the top
we will be able to look down into Russia, China and Mongolia. The landscapes of all
three countries are distinctly different.

Offroad driving in Mongolia

Option: Drive one way between Ulaanbaatar and Ulgii

You could take the 6 days trip to drive one way between Ulaanbaatar and west
Mongolia. You will discover a variety of landscapes and sceneries on the way. It's a great
option for people who have more time in Mongolia.

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  • Meals 9B, 10L, 9D
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  • Museum ticket
  • Monasteries entrance tickets

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