Manzushir Monastery Hiking Tour
(1 day)


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Manzushir Monastery

Zuunmod, the capital of Tov province, will be our first stop. We will arrive in the center of this small administrative town after an hour of driving.

We’ll carry on to Manzushir Monastery from here. The monastery is situated on Bogd Khan Mountain, 8 kilometers from Zuunmod. The scenery is lovely and quiet, with rolling hills covered in pine and cedar trees. Granite formations surround the landscape, giving it a magical feel.

In 1733, Manzushir Monastery was established, with more than 20 temples and 350 monks. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the 1937 Stalinist purges. The main temple has been rebuilt and turned into a museum, but the area’s other structures are still in ruins.

We’ll begin our trek over the Bogd Khan Mountain after learning about the monastery and its secrets. The courageous will climb the hill behind the main monastery to take in the magnificent view of the valley. The monastery looks out over a lovely valley of lakes, oak, birch, and cedar trees, and granite boulders strewn around.

We’ll return to Ulaanbaatar at the end of the day.


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