Trekking & Canoeing in Khentii Mountains
(6 days)

Canoe Trip Mongolia
Canoeing Mongolia
Trekking & Canoeing in Khentii Mountains
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Detailed description


Drive through Darkhan to Khuder village

In the morning we will head west of UB and our journey takes us through one of main industrial city of Mongolia, Darkhan along the famous Trans Mongolian train route linking China, Mongolia and Russia. This route is famously described by many travellers and adventures of all time transporting products, goods looking for adventure discovering new roads on camel caravan. Nowadays what took back in time a week journey on camels and horses, an easy 5 hours’ drive will take us to our evening destination. Khuder village is located at the most northern tip of Selenge aimag border with Russia. Its inhabitants are about 3,000 people mostly descendants of Buriad ethnic. The village finds itself on the eastern side of Khentii Mountains surrounded by beautiful Siberian pine, birch, Siberian larch forest on a bank of Khuder river spreading through large valley. In summer the forest is generous with wild berries especially wild strawberries so dense that one can hardly sit on the ground. This trek destination is ideal for those who have short time and who avoid mass tourists visiting Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. The mountain belongs to same range of Khentii Mountains with only difference of being totally visitors free wild and empty.

(Tented camp L, D)

Khentii Mountain Range

Trekking in Khentii Mountains to Bugat village

The Khentii Mountains are a mountain range in the Töv and Khentii Provinces in northern Mongolia. The chain overlaps the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area and includes Mongolia’s sacred mountain, Burkhan Khaldun, which is associated with the origin of Genghis Khan. The range forms the watershed between the Arctic Ocean (via Lake Baikal) and the Pacific Ocean basins. Rivers originating in the range include the Onon, Kherlen, and Tuul.

We will hike into the valley along the base of the mountain ranges. As we leave the village behind, you will hear and see ever more ground squirrels, marmots and birds. These two days amazing trek will take us through an area of tundra, which is the habitat of many wild species among others moose. You will soon become an expert at ‘moose detection. Our surrounding is a typical Siberian landscape. We will climb up the mountain through deep forest where deer, wolves, moose and bears live. Keep your eyes open!

At the end of 2nd day trek we will arrive in Bugant village. The village is first wood producer of Siberian pine and birch. We will see on the way some huge wood factories.

(Tented Camp B, L, D)

Trekking & Canoeing in Khentii Mountains
Rolling Hills Mongolia

Canoeing in Yoroo river

Today our canoeing expedition will start. Yoroo is a river with slow current at certain places shaped by impressive little canyons and following fertile valleys surrounded with complete wilderness abundant with wild flora and fauna. Being the significant water resource of the region, summer time many nomads come and camp next to river with their herd. While on river canoeing we not only enjoy the diverse landscapes unfolding in every direction but interact with locals, children with their huge herd watering by the river.

We will have chance to visit a nomad family and spend an evening with nomads. Barbeque cooked over hot stones is on the menu. Engage a friendly chat & listen to their amazing life stories over one or two shots of vodka. Herders make local vodka from fermented milk.

(Tented camp B, L, D)

Yoroo River Canoeing

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast we will be heading to Ulaanbaatar. Our team will take you to your hotel. Enjoy your free afternoon and evening. You might check the beautiful cultural show enjoy the colorful and rhythmic Mongolian dance, throat singing and admire & contortionists.

(B, L) 

Pack Horses