Trekking to Khagiin Khar Nuur - 14 Days

DAY 1: Drive to the family and trekking to Terelj River
DAY 2: Trekking to Boot
DAY 3: Trekking to Bayan River
DAY 4: Zuugiin Rashaan
DAY 5: Zegestei River
DAY 6: Khongor and Khagyn River
DAY 7: Khagiin Khar Nuur
DAY 8: Rest day
DAY 9: Khongoryn River
DAY 10: Khavirgiin Davaa pass
DAY 11: Dundbayan River
DAY 12: Tuul River
DAY 13: Terelj River
DAY 14: Family and drive back to Ulaanbaatar
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Nomad Girls

detailed description

Khentii Mountains

In the morning we will head east of UB, reaching Khentii National Park after a 3-hour drive, where the landscape consists of green, forested hillsides, and spectacular granite cliffs. Many nomads live in this area, and you can see yaks, sheep, goats and horses grazing in this peaceful valley. At noon we will have lunch at our horse breeding family. We will meet our horseman, load our gear and food on pack horses and set off for 13 days trekking in Khentii Mountains. We will hike through lush meadows for a couple of hours towards the Terelj River valley. Then, we will have dinner and camp on the Terelj River bank.

(Tented Camp L, D)


Khentii Mountains

Trekking in Khentii National Park

The Khentii Mountains are a mountain range in the Töv and Khentii Provinces in northern Mongolia. The chain overlaps the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area and includes Mongolia’s sacred mountain, Burkhan Khaldun, which is associated with the origin of Genghis Khan.

The range forms the watershed between the Arctic Ocean (via Lake Baikal) and the Pacific Ocean basins. Rivers originating in the range include the Onon, Kherlen, and Tuul.

After breakfast, we will load our gears on our packhorses. You will be impressed at the strength of the small but sturdy Mongolian horses. We will hike into the valley along the base of the mountain ranges. As we leave civilization behind, you will hear and see ever more ground squirrels, marmots and birds. These amazing trek will take us through an area of tundra, which is the habitat of the moose. You will soon become an expert at ‘moose detection. It is a typical Siberian landscape. We will climb up the mountain through deep forest where deer, wolves, moose and bears live. Keep your eyes open! The high mountains and the deep valley make this wonderful hiking through wide valleys to give a way to large mountain forests of birch, pine and cedar.

(Tented Camp B, L, D)

Khagiin Khar Nuur Area

Trekking to Khagiin Khar Nuur

Today at the top of the mountain, we cross the pass and descend to the breathtakingly beautiful Khagiin Khar Nuur. We will camp on the yellow sand beach of the lake.

(Tented Camp B, L, D)

Trekking to Khagiin Khar Nuur

Rest day at Khagiin Khar Nuur

Today we will stay camped by the lake and you can swim or fish in the clear water, hike in the forests or go bird and wild animal watching.

(Tented Camp B, L, D)

Trekking in Forest

Khongoryn River

Today we will follow the Khongoryn River downstream for about five hours and camp near a river crossing. The high mountains and the deep valley make this a wonderful day of hiking.

(Tented Camp B, L, D)

Valley in Terelj

Dund Bayan Valley

Today as we hike along the Tuul River, you will notice how the landscape changes through silent pine forests where all you will hear is the occasional animal call. We will climb up a steep path for about two hours until we come to a high pass close to the Altan Olgii peak. At an elevation of 2646m, Altan Olgii (meaning Golden Cradle) is one of the highest peaks in the Khentii Mountain range. On the other side of the mountain, we will camp near a stream where you can cool off after your strenuous day.

Keep your ears open for the sound of woodpeckers and keep your eyes open for golden eagles, soaring far above us hunting for prey. After half way through our trekking we return to Terelj through the Dund Bayan valley. Our last few days hike will take place in wide valleys which will eventually give way to large mountain forests of birch, pine and cedar.

(Tented Camp B, L, D)

Families in Valley
Genghis Khan Statue

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park back to Ulaanbaatar

Our adventure through wide valleys, high mountains with green forest end today and we will hike back to our arrival point. Enjoy your trek and stunning view along the valley longing the Tuul River, surrounded on both sides by high, densely forested mountains. Our luggage, food and equipment will be unloaded from our packhorses and we will meet up with our vehicles.

After lunch at family some sightseeing visit at Terelj national park is ahead of us. Our first stop will be Turtle rock and Aryaval Monastery, small meditation monastery at the foot of mountain. Further down at the exit of park we will visit the 100 monks’ cave, during the purge of Stalinism about 100 monks were hiding in this small cave from persecution.

Our last stop will be the Genghis Khan Monument. The Genghis Khan Monument is a vast aluminium monument of Genghis Khan on his horse. It’s possible to climb to the top of the monument from where you have a gear view of the surrounding area.

(B, L)



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