Trekking in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
(7 days)

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
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Trekking to Khagiin Khar Nuur
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Detailed description


Khentii National park

In the morning we will head east of UB and our journey takes us through the valley surrounded on both sides by forested hillsides, and spectacular granite cliffs. The valley is covered by wild flowers & plants and peacefully grazing herds of yaks, horses, goats & sheep. Before noon we will reach horse breeding family. Our host family is located on the river bank of Tuul river. Settle in your Ger. We will have an afternoon with our hosts and get involved in many variety of daily activities of herders pursue daily. Bring animals to camp in the evening, milk horses, yaks, goats, and sheep. Process milk, make butter, yogurt and cheese. Savour delicious, fresh dairy products you help producing. Fresh yak cream and fresh yogurt are the best you have ever tasted anywhere in the world. Not to miss as well is fermented mare milk. A talented horseman will show his techniques to catch horse from freely roaming herd with Uurag – long wooden stick with ropes fixed at the end.

(Family stay L, D)

Khentii Mountains

Trekking to Ar Gorkhi Valley

The Khentii Mountains are a mountain range in the Töv and Khentii Provinces in northern Mongolia. The chain overlaps the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area and includes Mongolia’s sacred mountain, Burkhan Khaldun, which is associated with the origin of Genghis Khan. The range forms the watershed between the Arctic Ocean (via Lake Baikal) and the Pacific Ocean basins. Rivers originating in the range include the Onon, Kherlen, and Tuul.

After breakfast, we will load our gears on our packhorses. You will be impressed at the strength of the small but sturdy Mongolian horses. We will hike into the valley along the base of the mountain ranges. As we leave civilization behind, you will hear and see ever more ground squirrels, marmots and birds. These three days amazing trek will take us through an area of tundra, which is the habitat of many wild species among others moose. You will soon become an expert at ‘moose detection. Our surrounding is a typical Siberian landscape. We will climb up the mountain through deep forest where deer, wolves, moose and bears live. Keep your eyes open!

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Trekking to Khagiin Khar Nuur

Trekking to Gunjiin Sum

Today we will reach Gunjiin Sum or Princess Monastery. Surrounded by magnificent forest this was once huge monastery built in the 18th century by Mongolian lord in a memory of his wife. Today, only the main temple and some of the wall remains.

(Tented camp, B, L, D)

Gunjiin Sum

Trekking to Tuul River

Today as we hike along the Tuul River, you will notice how the landscape changes through silent pine forests where all you will hear is the occasional animal call. Keep your ears open for the sound of woodpeckers and keep your eyes open for golden eagles, soaring far above us hunting for prey. After four hours of hiking, we will arrive at our camping spot, a green and peaceful place.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Tuul River

Terelj National Park back to Ulaanbaatar

Our adventure through wide valleys, mountains with green forest end today and we will hike back to our arrival point. Enjoy your last day trek and stunning view over the valley longing the Tuul River.  After lunch at family some sightseeing visit at Terelj national park is ahead of us. Our first stop will be Turtle rock and Aryaval Monastery, small meditation monastery at the foot of mountain. Spectacular view from monastery over the park. Further down at the exit of park we will visit the 100 monks’ cave, tiny small cave where during the purge of Stalinism about 100 monks were hiding from persecution. You can see the cave wall blackened as a result of fire and smoke.

Our last stop will be the Chengis Khaan Monument. The Chengiss Khaan Monument is a vast aluminium monument of Chengiss Khaan on his horse. It’s possible to climb to the top of the monument from where you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area. A little museum gives a good overview of great Mongol empire history with its great Khans succession lines and their invasions. Our team will take you directly to your hotel.

(B, L)

Ulaanbaatar at Night
Genghis Khan Statue


June 2021



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